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Today I give you the recipe for pizza with sausages and potatoes. I can hear you screaming from here: actual potatoes on pizza? How can you? NO!!!! You cannot eat carbohydrates with carbohydrates To you it sounds absurd, a lot like when I hear chicken and pasta, or pineapple on pizza. It just isn’t right! Yet, potatoes on pizza or focaccia are very common in Italy. And it is tasty. So come out of your comfort zone and try it. To make you feel better, I did eat pizza with pineapple, and pasta with chicken!

Ingredients for 4 portions:

For the dough:

400gr of extra strong or Canadian flour

200-250 gr of water

7gr of dried yeast or 15 gr of fresh yeast

1 tbsp of olive oil (optional)

1 tsp of salt

For the topping:

400 gr of white potatoes

200 gr of chipolatas

150 gr of mozzarella

2 tbsp of grated pecorino romano

1/2 tsp of dried oregano

salt and pepper to taste

vegetable oil to fry


  1. To make the pizza with sausages and potatoes, start by making the dough: melt the yeast in 100 ml of lukewarm water. If preferred, add ha;f  teaspoon of sugar to help activate it. Wait for a few minutes until you see foam forming on the surface. Put the flour on a clean, flat surface, preferably raw wood. Create a large well in the middle, and pour the water and yeast mix in it.
  2. Scoop flour from the sides of the well towards the centre, and mix it with the water mixture, until you obtain a thick paste. Melt 1 teaspoon of salt in another 100 ml of water, and add little by little to your dough, kneading as you go. If preferred, you can add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, but it is not necessary.
  3. Knead vigorously for about 15 minutes, adding more water if necessary. To avoid adding too much water, wet your hands and keep kneading: this way you will have full control of how much moisture you want in the dough. The dough is ready when is smooth and elastic and when you touch it has to feel slightly sticky, but it does not stick to your hands.
  4. Put it in a bowl, and cover it with several kitchen towels. Let it rest in a warm place, away from direct heat. The ideal place to let your dough rise is in the turned-off oven with the light switched on. Let it rest for 1 hour.
  5. Meanwhile, prepare you topping. Remove the skin from the sausages, and chopped them into small pieces. Peel and dice the potatoes. In a large pan, warm a little vegetable oil, add the potatoes and the sausages, sprinkle with rosemary, season to taste.  Cook over medium heat for about 15-20 minutes, Remove from heat and set aside.
  6. Take your pizza dough. By now it should have at least doubled its size. Put it back on the table, and delicately punch it back down. then fold it in four parts. Let it rest for 30 minutes.
  7. Preheat the oven to 200°C/ gas mark 6. Lightly oil an oven tray. Better still use a pizza stone. You can find them in any cookery shops, or you can get the one I use by clicking HERE for the UK or HERE for the USA.
  8. With your hands, or with the help of a rolling pin, stretch your dough until it fits your tray or pizza stone. For the stone, you might need to make two pizzas, as it is not very large.
  9. Cut the mozzarella and spread it evenly over the surface of the dough. Then spoon all over the sausage and potato mix, and finally sprinkle with the grated pecorino romano.
  10. Put it on the middle shelf of the oven, and bake for about 30 minutes, or until the bread has taken a nice golden colour. Remove your pizza with sausages and potatoes from oven and serve immediately. Pizza is traditionally served with beer, but if you prefer wine, go for a nice Barolo.


You can store any pizza with sausages and potatoes leftover in an airtight container, In the fridge. Reheat it preferably in the oven at 160°C/ gas mark 3 for about 15 minutes. Try to avoid the microwave, as it’ll make it just soggy.